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Afterglow: A Brother's Best Friend Romance

A standalone kinky romance set in the Hunter Security World.

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***Complete Content Warning***

This book has a scene of physical and sexual abuse from a previous partner. As well as some scenes of stalking, blackmail, and psychological abuse. It also features scenes of torture, kidnapping, violence, knives, and guns. If you feel like this could trigger you please proceed with caution.

This book is an adult romance featuring scenes of kink and a sex club.


From a young age, I knew who I was and what I liked. So when Leo became a part of the picture, I thought he could be my Mr. Right.
Things seemed perfect for over a year before I started to really see his true colors. He started by slowly breaking the rules we set up at the beginning of our relationship, then he wasn’t coming home until almost 2 am most nights, but my final straw was when he stonewalled me and refused to talk about the issues we were having.
Realizing quickly he wasn’t the person I thought he was, I knew I needed to get out.
Only, he wasn’t on board, and instead left me beaten and bruised. I couldn’t turn to the cops, so I went to the only person I thought could help. Dax– my brother's best friend. I never expected his help to stir up old feelings, though, and a new secret to keep…

Isabella Thatcher was never anything more than my best friend's little sister until she called me asking for a favor.
Being the Dom I am, I’m no stranger to secrets, so when she called in the middle of the night crying for my help without telling her family, I felt obligated to say yes.
It was the doctor in me that took her into my home and helped nurse her wounds. It let me see her in a light I never would have imagined.
Izzy isn’t the kid I used to know. Now she’s a woman, begging for dominance in the bedroom and comfort outside of it.
Ignoring how wrong our relationship may seem to others, I keep her close and vow to help her in any way I can, no matter the price.

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