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Restless Beat: A rock star romance (Love in Sienna Series Book 8)

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I’m a rock star. I've been labeled a bad boy. A player. They aren’t wrong, but my life is not as good as it seems. 

The woman I thought I wanted forever with chooses another man over me, and suddenly, I know I want more than just fame. 

Life is turned upside-down and a fiery, sassy woman walks into my life, making love an appealing possibility. 

Can we both push aside doubts and expectations and take a chance on love? Will I finally be able to appease the restless beat of my heart? 

Restless Beat is book 8 in the Love in Sienna Series, and while it is an interconnected stand-alone and can be read on its own. It is also the second book in a love triangle and would be best read after Tangled Love. 

If you like bad boy rock stars, strong and determined Heroines, and steam for days, than this book is for you! 

Restless Beat: Project
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