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Clean Slates: A fast burn rockstar romance (Love in Sienna Series Book 6)

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My luck with men has been terrible. It’s exactly why I’ve decided to swear them off.
But once I make the decision, I do something stupid.
I have a one-night stand.
It was supposed to be pointless–just a way to get a release I so desperately needed–but of course fate would have other plans.
The same man I spent that night with, and had a less than pleasant parting, pops back up needing a nanny.
I should say no but within an instant his daughter has me wrapped around her finger and shows me a new side of her dad I haven’t seen before.
The man from that night quickly starts to fade and in his place is someone I don’t think I can resist.

When my fiancé left me with a new baby, I was determined not to let it break me. I put my dreams on hold and worked tirelessly to provide for my baby girl.
But when an opportunity strikes and I’m offered a job in the music industry, I’m left to find someone to care for the one thing I hold closest to my heart. My daughter.
When a friend recommends a woman to me who is trustworthy, loyal, and great with kids I reach out not expecting her to be the one I’ve already screwed up with.
But over time, she starts to prove to me I’m more than a single dad and worthy of what she’s offering.
Can I really have it all, or is the past doomed to repeat itself?

Clean Slates: Project
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