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Fighting Attraction: A M/M Bodyguard Romance (Sentinel Protection Book 1)

Now Available

Being around security guards has always been the norm for me. It comes with the job when you work for celebrities.
Normally, I would just ignore them. They’re there to do a job just like me and don’t want distractions, but Bruno was different.
Over time, I learned pushing his buttons and getting under his skin was fun. Flirting with him though? Even better. I never had to worry because he was straight. We developed a friendship, but when he starts to push me away, I’m not sure why.
One night, everything changes, though. I get a little too drunk and a man refuses to take no for an answer, but Bruno is there to save me.
Only now, he’s looking at me differently and I can’t figure out why.

I always said I was straight and it was the truth until him.
Damon is my friend and although he’s always flirted, I never had the courage to take things further. It didn’t matter either because he was swept off the market before I could even figure out what I was feeling.
Now though, he’s newly single.
I want to tell him how I feel and see if it’s the same for him, but one night everything changes.
He’s attacked and I can’t seem to bring myself to confess what I’ve been feeling. It wouldn’t be right considering the circumstances. Only, my heart doesn’t agree.
Will we both be able to overcome what we’ve endured or is there too much in our past destined to keep us apart?

Fighting Attraction: Project
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