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Hidden Kisses

Go to school, become a lawyer, and land an awesome job.
That was the plan, and it was all going accordingly until he walked into my life.
Johnny Crown.
He’s one of the most prolific players for the Sienna Grey Wolves and the newest thorn in my side.
Although his good looks and charms work on most, I can’t let them sway me. Not if I want to keep my friendship with my best friend.
Over time though, I see a different side of him than all the tabloids, and catch myself swooning over the little things he does.
But when secrets and lies start to unfold, I’m wondering if I was right about him all along.

I’m the man the world loves to hate, and I’m ok with that until I meet Leah.
With my life crumbling around me, her and baseball are the only things keeping me going.
I want to prove to her I’m more than what the press publishes, and I can change for her, but she’s determined to keep us apart.
I know it’s probably for the best, but I can’t stay away.
Will my final play be a home run, or is my life doomed to end in tragedy?

Hidden Kisses is book two in the Love In Sienna Series but can be read as a stand-alone or as a part of the series.

If you like enemies to lovers, alpha-hole book boyfriends, and angst for days then you will love this contemporary romance by Laura John.


This book has flashbacks to scenes of child abuse and domestic abuse. It also includes a scene showing sexual assault (not rape) and an off-the-page suicide. These scenes may be difficult for some readers so if you feel like these would be difficult for you to read please proceed with caution.

***Complete Content Warning***

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