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***Complete Content Warning***

This book has scenes of fire, knives, guns, and time spent at hospitals. There is also talk of the passing of a loved one and mental healthy issues. Along with mentions of off page child abuse and DV.



I’m a tough-as-nails military veteran now working as a bodyguard for one of the world’s best security firms, and I’m excellent at my job. I’m also secretly in love with my brother’s best friend.

Some might call it a “crush,” but I hate that term. What I feel for Gunnar runs deeper, truer, than a simple teenage fling. I might as well have his name tattooed permanently on my heart.


When I’m suddenly forced from my home and in need of a place to stay, it’s Gunnar that offers up his spare room to me. Without any other options, and despite his constant closeness being torture, I gratefully accept.


Now I just have to keep my feelings locked up tight. I need to resign myself to only ever being in the friend zone, even if I want so much more.



I’d only ever thought of Knox as being Malcolm’s younger brother. We weren’t really friends as kids, he was just there.


It wasn’t until I moved back home from overseas that I really noticed him. Long gone was the boy he used to be. Instead what I saw was all MAN; confident, attractive, and completely off-limits.


When I open my home to Knox in a pinch, it doesn’t take long for his proximity and charm to start breaking down my defenses. I can’t stay away, craving him more than I have anyone before.


Two things quickly become very clear. First, what we have runs deep—for both of us. Second, Knox is in danger, and someone’s out get him.


Now, not only do we have to worry about staying in Malcolm’s good graces, but we also have to watch our backs and keep our heads low.


Can our feelings weather the storm, or will rejection and danger tear us apart?

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