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Monster In The Shadows: A stand-alone dark romance


This book is a dark romance set in a dark world. This book includes several triggers including: Dubcon, Stalking, Violence, Torture, and Kidnapping. If any of these are hard for you to read please proceed with caution.

Also remember that in this dark romance our hero is a bad man, and while it does have a happily ever after not all men of dark worlds need to be "redeemed" and this is one of those books.

Monsters aren’t born; they’re made. And that’s exactly what I am.
I thrive in the shadows, am fueled by taking lives, and never let anything stand in my way of completing a job.
Until her…
Paige is everything I’m not.
Where she breathes life back into people, I take it.
She is sunshine, and I am darkness.
She is everything I should stay away from, but I can’t.
She is mine and I will have her. No matter what.

Monster In The Shadows is a dark romance stand alone.

Monster In The Shadows: Project
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