Here is a list of all of my books. Some are available some are coming soon.

Secret Smiles

Available Now

A rock star with demons. A manager with a secret past. Can they overcome it all and find love? 

After relentless bullying throughout her childhood, Tia Marie Daggen dropped out of high school and homeschooled herself, determined to create a better life. Now she is one of the best band managers in the music industry. She starts out on her own when the company she works for screws her over. 

Her first client? Her old high school crush, Mikey Ecosta. When she lets down her guard and lets him in, things don’t go as planned. When he asks for one more chance, can Tia let go of the past and trust him with her heart? 

Cocky, self-assured rocker Mikey Ecosta knows his effect on women. He flashes a sexy smile and they’re clamoring for his attention. When he meets his new manager, Tia, sparks fly, but she’s determined to keep him at arm’s length. Just when he finally convinces her to let him in, a lie rips them apart. When the truth is revealed, can he win back the one woman who can bring him to his knees, or has he lost her forever?  

**TRIGGER WARNING** This book discusses suicide and attempted suicide. In-depth details are not given, but it is spoken about at length. It also talks about mental health and drug addiction. If you feel like these subjects would be hard for you to read about, please avoid. 

Secret Smiles is the first book in The Love in Sienna Series. If you like sexy rock stars, emotional rollercoasters, and second chance romances, then you’ll love this contemporary romance by Laura John. 

Pick up Hidden Kisses to start your rollercoaster ride today!

Hidden Kisses

Now Available

A man the world loves to hate. A woman who should stay far away. Is love enough to forgive the past? 

Johnny Crown is the man everyone loves to hate. He has his dream job as a pitcher on his favorite baseball team, women falling at his feet, and the attitude to match. Life is perfect...until he meets Leah. Then, for the first time, he wants to change and make himself worthy of her. But after he tells a lie that almost ruins his friend’s life, will Leah even bother giving him a chance? 

Leah Gulfson works in a man's world and has dealt with enough jerks to last a lifetime. After her long-term boyfriend cheats on her, she decides to swear off relationships altogether. All she wants is to have fun and maybe mess around a little. Johnny is the last man she should want to be with. Will she change her mind and let Johnny in? 

This book discusses child and domestic abuse, and a small sexual assault scene (not rape) please avoid if these would be hard for you to read 

Hidden Kisses is book two in the Love in Sienna Series. Do you like cocky alpha-holes, strong females, and enemies to lovers’ stories? Then this new book by Laura John is right up your alley. 

Get your copy of Hidden Kisses and start your angsty journey today!


Guarded Hearts

Now Available

Young love. Best friends. Will they find true love in the end? 


After Crystal gets pregnant at seventeen, she doesn’t know how she will able to raise her daughter and get out of a horrible living situation. But when she meets a friend who happily takes her in and gives her a chance at a new life, she realizes that things don’t always have to be bad. Crystal’s life hasn’t shown her that the tenderness and love Dustin tries to offer her could be real. Words and actions can be deceiving, so she’s put up walls around her heart that should keep her safe. 


Dustin Maxx is a rock star that all the women want, but he isn’t really a player. After he meets Crystal, he notices an immediate connection. The more time they spend together, the more convinced he is that Crystal and her daughter are his. He wants to make something happen, but Crystal’s fears keep pushing him deeper into the friend zone. 


Can Dustin get Crystal to drop her guard and let him in? Or will demons of the past come out and keep them apart forever? 


***This book contains flashbacks of sexual and child abuse and some scenes may be difficult for some readers.*** 

Whispered Desires

Available Now

All Shae Court wants is a fresh start. When her life is flipped upside-down and her dream job lands in her lap, she jumps at the chance. Being the manager for Outspoken Chaos will give her the ability to take care of not only herself, but her kids. 


There are three things that drummer Tyler Shepherd knows: he doesn’t do relationships, he doesn’t get involved with women fifteen years younger than him, and he most certainly doesn’t develop feelings for his manager. 


The two of them meeting is like gasoline on a fire and neither one wants to get burned. Can they survive working together or is history doomed to repeat itself? 

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