Secret Smiles Signed Paperback

Secret Smiles Signed Paperback

He doesn’t remember me, but I’ve never forgotten him. He was a small hope, a tiny bit of joy in another life. One that I pretend isn’t part of me, of who I am today. But now he’s just a reminder of the pain I once felt.

I’ll never go back.

I have everything a man could ever want: fame, money, women, power. At least I thought I did --until she came into my life. Tia is my manager, she’s off limits. But the moment I see her, something feels familiar. A missing part of me comes home and I can’t stop myself. I need her.

She’s the one I want the most but the only one to ever tell me no. 


*Trigger Warning* This book discusses some tougher subjects that might bother some readers.