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Summer Daze

Falling in love is easy, protecting your heart is hard.

A simple smile, a glance with hooded eyes, or the brush of someone's hand against mine–that’s all it’s ever taken me to fall in love.
It was simple and fun, until it wasn’t, but what was worse was realizing my fatal flaw.
Swearing off dating seemed like the most logical solution. If I didn’t put myself in those positions, then I wouldn’t get hurt.
But when Alec–the totally ripped, sweet, and incredibly sexy police officer– asks me out, I break my own golden rule.
Things move fast, and pasts collide to the surface, and I can’t help but wonder if I’ve made a mistake.

My main goal in life has always been to be someone people can look up to. Strong, dependable, and nothing like my father.
But after years on the police force and nothing more to show for it than lots of long nights and a lonely home, I decide it’s time to switch gears.
I noticed Faith the first time at the bakery and immediately felt a pull to her, so I kept going back, and not just for the coffee and sweets.
Finally asking her out, I let myself get lost in the connection we’re building, but they say all good things must come to an end.
A single night, one wrong word, and the ground beneath us starts cracking.
Can I fix what I broke and gain her trust again?


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