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Summer Memories: A M/M Second Chance Small Town Romance (Book 3 in the Sultry Summer Series)


This book has some mild discussion of past assault/trauma from a HS Bully and has discussion and a few scenes of a loved one battling cancer. If you feel like this could trigger you please proceed with caution.

The hope of a serious relationship was fleeting. Random hook-ups, a few decent conversations, and the occasional drink is all I was ever willing to give, but it got lonely. 
Finally deciding to go out on a limb, I take my dating app a bit more seriously and meet someone great. 
There were no expectations, no judgements. Just pure heartfelt talks and the idea of something great. Only, when I finally meet the man in person, I realize it’s not the stranger I thought. 
Simon was my best friend growing up. We spent every summer together and formed a bond I thought was unbreakable until he left. 
Now he’s back, threatening to steal my heart all over again. Even worse? He’s working alongside me in the bakery. 
As much as I want to give in, I’m not sure I can. He knows me better than I know myself, but I don’t want to be hurt again. 


Coming back to Summersville I didn’t have much hope for anything other than landing a decent job, helping my sister with the home we inherited, and taking things easy. 
But when I meet a man on a dating app, I realize Summersville could potentially hold more for me. Our conversation was easy and something about him felt so familiar. When I finally meet him in person, I know exactly why. 
Chuck was the one for me, only I left before we could take the final step. Now being back, I’m ready to remind him of all the love we used to share, but he doesn’t seem so willing. 
After some time, I finally start to break down the walls he’s built around him, but the universe has other plans. 
Tragedy comes knocking and I’m forced to make the decision to stay or leave again. 
This time I don’t think Chuck will wait for me though.

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