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Guarded Hearts: A New Adult, Best Friends To Lovers, Single Mother Romance

Love in Sienna Series Book 3


***Complete Content Warning***

This book has flashback scenes of sexual abuse and child abuse. Some of these scenes may be difficult for some readers to read. If you feel like this may be difficult for you please proceed with caution.

My life has never been easy.
For a while it felt like I was drowning. That it wouldn’t be long before the waves pulled me under.
But then at sixteen I got pregnant, and everything changed.
I met a woman who took me under her wing and offered me a new life. A new family.
She also introduced me to Dustin, my best friend.
Just when I think things are finally going according to plan my heart decides to fall for him.
But no matter how much I care about him I can’t give in.
No one could ever love me after all I’ve been through, but Dustin swears he’s different.
He’s a rockstar though, and although he and I are best friends, I know he can find someone better. Someone who can give him exactly what he needs.
At least that’s what I tell myself, my heart on the other hand? It doesn’t agree.

Getting signed to one of the biggest record labels was the break I was needing. It solidified everything I’d been working for, and set me on the path for success, but something was still missing.
And when I met Crystal, that missing piece was filled.
We instantly clicked and her daughter stole my heart faster than I thought possible.
After a few years of an unbreakable friendship, I want more.
Only, Crystal won’t let us.
She’s determined to deny what is building between us and keep me at arms length.
Can I make her see that we are destined to be a family, or will the darkness that hides behind her eyes consume her and push me away forever?

Guarded Hearts is book 3 in the Love in Sienna Series and can be read as a stand-alone or as part of the series.

If you like angst and drama, friends to lovers, and single mother romances than this is a must read for you!

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