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So many books... So little time...

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Special Projects

Are you a fan of shared-world series? If so I have an announcement you are going to love!


I have teamed up with a group of amazing authors to bring you EPIC tales woven together with spice, suspense, and sizzling chemistry! You don’t want to miss what's in store.

Enter the privileged world of Saint Bipal’s elite, where love knows no bounds and the allure of the forbidden reigns supreme. Relationships dance along the lines of all things taboo and a good scandal never goes unnoticed. Brace yourself for whirlwind romances and secrets with the power to shatter. Welcome to the Clear View Country Club. We know you’ll love it here. 

Join me, A.R Hall, BL Mute, Brooke O’Brien, C. Hallman, C. Lymari, Isabel Lucero, L.K Reid, Lee Jacquot, Marie Ann, Nikita, Suki Williams, Tate Monroe, and Rory Ireland for something so hot it’ll melt your kindles! 

Influencers/ARC Sign-up

Are you a book influencer? Do you want to help spread the word about Laura's upcoming book,  Testing the Goalie: A M/M, Professor/Student, Kinky Romance? Possibly read an ARC? This is the place for you!

Want to join Laura John's Arc Team? Sign-up NOW! (You don't have to be a book influencer to sign-up)

FREE Books

The best price is free!

Get your copy of Summer Heat: A FREE Sultry Summer Series Short Story Today!


More giveaways coming soon!

Social Media

Laura is active on most social media sites make sure to give her a follow!

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