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Long Summer Nights: A small town romance (Book 1 in the Sultry Summer Series


This book has some mild discussion of homophobia and transphobia. This is not the view of the author or the main characters. There is also mild discussion of High-School bullying, slut shaming, talk of suicide, death of a parent, and death of an aunt. Nothing is in-depth and is only mentioned briefly but if you feel like this could trigger you please proceed with caution.

After my less than enjoyable childhood in Summersville, NC, I vowed I would never come back. But plans don’t always go accordingly.
After being kicked out of my own home by a man I thought I loved, Mimi is there to welcome me with open arms. Not only does she help pick me back up, but offering me a job at the bakery puts me in the direct path of him– Maddox.
I swore I wouldn’t fall, but after one look at his mesmerizing dimples and the brush of his lips against mine, I knew I’d break my own promise.
Only, as much as I want to let him in, how am I supposed to when I’ve been hurt so badly before?

Moving to this small town was supposed to be a fresh start. A way to escape the expectations of my name, be completely anonymous, and build something for myself, but she wasn’t part of the plan.
When Tessa moves in next door, she makes me want things I didn’t even know I craved.
Suddenly, getting to know someone and forming a relationship doesn’t seem all that bad. Only, she has walls built around her heart even higher than mine.
Can we let what we’re building blossom, or will our own defences keep us apart?

Long Summer Nights: Work
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