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When you find yourself in a tangled mess, a heart is bound to break. You just pray it isn't your own.

I’ve got the life people only dream of. Fame, fortune, a great family, and even better friends. Yet I want more.

But it’s hard to get that when you keep a wall around your heart. Friends with benefits is easier, less mess involved.

And then like out of a movie, a southern gentleman walks into my life and offers me my happily ever after. But nothing in life comes that easy, and the man who I’ve only had a physical relationship with now also wants more.

How did I go from being unlucky in love to having two men fighting for my heart? I need to figure out a way to untangle this love without hurting them, or myself in the end.

Tangled Love is the seventh book in the Love in Sienna Series and can be read as a stand-alone or as part of the series.

if you like love triangles, swoony country singers, and bad boy rock stars then you are going to love this contemporary romance by Laura John.

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